In March 2015 a community health forum was held by women and men in our community to discuss the issues of women’s health and the resulting impact these issues are having on women, men, families, and our healthcare system. 

Outcomes of the First Forum

The first Community Women's Health Forum was held on Saturday 21 March, 2015 in Wollongbar, New South Wales.

The forum included presentations from health professionals and women who have experienced health conditions as well as group discussions. We will be planning and holding more Community Women's Health Forums in the future. 

Community Groups have since been initiated in many areas of health. As these groups grow and expand, and we see the need to initiate community groups to address other areas of Women’s Health, these will be formed to meet the community’s needs.

At present, the following community groups have commenced:

 Embracing Ageing Community Group & Discussion Forum

Body Image & Eating Disorders Community Group & Discussion Forum

Gynaecological Health & Cancer Community Group & Discussion Forum

Wellbeing for Women Community Group & Discussion Forum

Carers' Community Group & Discussion Forum

For further information on the above Community Groups please click on the Group's name above or to the right hand side of this page.


Esoteric Women's Health is a collaboration of complementary health practitioners and medical professionals who work cohesively for the benefit of true care and support in the area of women's health.

Under the Esoteric Women's Health umbrella, accredited practitioners deliver specialised healing modalities to women worldwide. Esoteric Women's Health also hosts presentations, women's groups and holds retreats that support women to reconnect to their natural rhythms and innate nurturing ways.


Natalie Benhayon, founding director of Esoteric Women's Health will host this event, and be joined by many others to bring this cohesive model to our community. Natalie practices as a complementary therapist with a particular interest to women's health, well-being and healing. She is the creator of a smart-phone App aimed at supporting men and women tracking body cycles and revolutionising a pro-active approach to one's health-care.

As her clientele is largely women based, her experiences of the struggles in which women face during times of illness and disease brought to her attention the need for a cohesive community model that can support everyone and address these areas of concern. 


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